Green (Screen) Dreams

  1. 2022 - False Clouds - National Gallery of Bosnia & Herzegovina - Sarajevo - Bosnia & Herzegovina
  2. 2019 Solo Show - North Lincolnshire Museum - Scunthorpe - UK
  3. 2018 York Mediale - York - UK

Green (Screen) Dreams is a 60s mock-advert video tryptic that introduces the imaginary town of Sunthorpe and its popular tourist attractions. The intentional typo is a marketing attempt to rebrand the real British town of #Scunthorpe and to cash in on the present and future impact of climate change.

Sunthorpe represents the ongoing conflict between the #environment, technology and market forces. At its heart, it is the existential paradox between industrialisation (manifested in Scunthorpe’s steel industry), globalisation and their role in climate change in a region already marred by pollution, floods and rising sea levels.

The project also taps into the social impact exerted on a community whose identity is still deeply rooted in the industry in an era increasingly defined by immaterial labour.

By presenting attractions that don’t yet exist, Green (Screen) Dreams looks at Scunthorpe’s history as a place shaped by human activity whose very existence is being threatened by it.

It’s also a critical commentary on the widely promoted liberal capitalist idea that problems should be seen as opportu

nities - even if that problem prompts the collapse of entire living ecosystems (ours included).

Commissioned by #InvisibleDust with the Humber Museums Partnership for #YorkMediale and NorthLincolnshireMuseum. ‘Green (Screen) Dreams’ was part of Surroundings, a 3-year programme of international artists residencies and exhibitions on

environmental themes across the Humber Region. It was funded by #ArtsCouncilEngland and the #WellcomeTrust.

Special thanks to:
Sean Chambers
Oliver Quinn
Ira Pappa
Dorcas Taylor
Alice Sharp
Kersti Mark
Martha Cattel
Olivia Gray
Emma Hallam
Guy Loftus