1. 2017/2018 In Case of Emergency - Science Gallery Dublin - IRE
  2. 2015 Show at the Royal College of Art, London - UK

 In 1890, English writer #WilliamMorris published 'News From Nowhere' outlining his multidimensional view of a socialist #utopia. In Morris’ book, change was brought about by a situation of crisis through which new paradigms and a new society emerged.

The End of the 'End of History?' is a series of 3 fictional animated essays describing the years following the aftermath of the 2008 #FinancialCrisis.

Drawing parallels to Morris’ work, the project speculates on how #macroeconomic events could lead to economic crises, their respective social response and novel economic systems that could follow them.

The result are 3 films exploring the different outcomes of those events; 'News from Somewhere', 'The Big Freeze' and 'Destructive Destruction'.

'Destructive Destruction' deals with the social and political impact of the ever increasing speed and #connectivity of #FinancialServices. It looks at the consequences of the accepted assumption that #BigData could be used to predict #market behaviour and the resulting increase in gains.

The films also have an interactive version where #oil, #gold and #dollar prices are used in real time to influence in the narrative. Those indicators were chose for their close relation to situations of #crisis. Dollar and Gold being the most stable #commodities whilst oil prices are related to industrial output, consumption and therefore recession.

The disruption in the narratives is a constant reminder of the influence exerted by economics beyond the sphere of #FinancialMarkets.

Special Thanks to:
Noam Toran
Sally Skinner
Prof. Mary Morgan
Dr. Nina Power
Dr. David Grover
Prof. Sarah Teasley
Luke Sturgeon
Pete Hudson
Riccardo Lardi