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Purina aimed to highlight the positive impact of pets on our lives and inspire actions to create a better world for them. The goal was to create a series of films featuring beloved European influencers and everyday individuals who share a deep love for their pets. These films would serve as a testament to the ways in which pets enhance our quality of life. Additionally, Purina wanted to encourage the influencers' followers and a broader audience to join in, make commitments, and spread the message.

Insight: By showcasing real people and influencers who genuinely care for their pets, Purina can demonstrate the tangible benefits of having pets and inspire others to contribute to the well-being of animals. The collective commitment of individuals from diverse backgrounds can amplify the message and foster a global movement for positive change.

Work and Results: Purina created a captivating series of films that celebrated the special bond between humans and their pets. The films were hosted on the influencers' pages, acting as pledges to improve the world for pets and motivating their followers to participate and share the message. To further engage the audience, Purina developed a hub that consolidated all the pledges, forming a mosaic of individuals from around the world, transcending language and age barriers. This initiative fostered a sense of unity and collective action towards making the world a better place for pets, one person at a time.