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Purina wanted to show all the different ways our lives can be improved when pets are around, and in turn, what are the things we can do to make the world a better place for them and reap even more benefits.

We created a series of films showcasing some of the most loved European influencers and the everyday folk people who have in common their love for their pets. The content was an ode to cats and dogs and provided some hard evidence of how pets can improve our quality of life.

The films lived on the influencer’s page and acted as their pledge to make the world better for pets and worked as a catalyst for their followers and the wider audience to take part, commit and spread the message.

We also created a hub that aggregated all pledges and displayed them as one big mosaic of people from different parts of the world, different ages and languages, but sharing one common goal: to make the world better for pets one human at a time.