Images in order of appearance:

  1. 'Tank Man' by #JeffWidener and OCDed 'Tank Man'
  2. '#RueMouffetard' by #HenryCartierBresson and OCDed 'Rue Mouffetard'
  3. 'Hope' by #ShepardFairey and OCDed 'Hope'
  4. 'The Falling Man' by #RichardDrew and OCDed 'The Falling Man'
  5. #Picasso And #FrançoiseGilot by #RobertCapa and OCDed Picasso And Françoise Gilot
  6. 'A Man on the Moon' by #NeilArmstrong and OCDed 'A Man on the Moon'

OCD is an #algorithm written in #Processing that deconstructs pictures and then re-organises their pixels according to their level of brightness.

This is a visual critique of Western Liberal societies' obsession with order, process and the illusion that in their attempt to organise and/or deny #chaos we can achieve a better understanding of the world. In juxtaposing the original picture with its OCDed version I'm aiming to make a co

mment on how society's obsession efficiency, expressed in highly organised, serialised and ultra-streamlined practices can lead to loss of meaning.