Run to the Beat

@ Wieden+Kennedy 🇬🇧
With: AKQA

When Nike asked Wieden+Kennedy to work on Run to the Beat, they wanted people to discover running through Nike+ (now Nike Run Club or NRC). RTTB, also known as London’s Music Half Marathon, seemed the perfect opportunity to introduce Nike+ as the best tool for the journey. However, Nike had a lot more to offer and we wanted people to perceive it as the most complete running ecosystem.

We created a training program on On the Facebook page, we introduced coach Jake, who answered questions about training, nutrition and exercises, so runners could make the most out of their training. We also held special nights for RTTB at the different Nike Run Clubs.

We created a Facebook application called ‘Cheer Me On’ that allowed people anywhere in the world, for the first time, to support their friends and family during the race. The app was such a success that was used again at Nike’s London 10k and in a race in Bulgaria.

2011's Run to the Beat was by far the most popular one and brought together all the different Nike Run platforms, digital and real, into one great community of runners.