Run to the Beat

@ Wieden+Kennedy đŸ‡Ŧ🇧
With: AKQA

Nike approached Wieden+Kennedy with the task of promoting Nike+ (now Nike Run Club or NRC) and positioning it as the ultimate running ecosystem during London's Music Half Marathon, Run to the Beat (RTTB).

Insight: Nike wanted to go beyond simply introducing Nike+ to runners and showcase the full range of offerings within their running ecosystem. They aimed to create a sense of community and provide valuable training resources to help runners achieve their goals.

Work and Results: We developed a comprehensive training program on and introduced Coach Jake on the RTTB Facebook page to answer training, nutrition, and exercise-related queries. Special nights were organized at Nike Run Clubs to enhance the RTTB experience. Additionally, the team created the 'Cheer Me On' Facebook application, enabling people worldwide to support their friends and family during the race. The app's success led to its subsequent use in Nike's London 10k and a race in Bulgaria. The 2011 RTTB became the most popular edition, uniting the various Nike Run platforms and fostering a vibrant community of runners.